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Pulse Connect™ for Benefits Brokers

Just Connect!

Free Content for Brokers!

From July through December, we'd like to make a monthly Pulse Connect feature available for use in your employee-facing communications --at no charge. 


See for yourselves how Pulse Connect's magazine-style features improve user engagement...and how the full program, including game-based polls, can be a compelling market differentiator.  


To receive free content, email us or call (561) 470-0965 today!

With Pulse Connect™ you can extend your firm’s reputation for innovation, support, and value, and expand your “sales horizon” across the calendar year with weekly or bi-weekly benefits communications.

Each innovative, customizable e-mail wraps popular culture around health and wellness, combining embedded links (of your choosing), real-time user polling, and a focused Twitter feed that enables you to reach, motivate, and sustain end user (employee) engagement as never before.

With Pulse Connect you can…

  • Deliver consistent, year-round benefits-related communications
  • Reach users where they “live”—multiple “end-points,” taking benefits to them via desktops or mobile devices
  • Leave the work to us—easy to administer, Pulse ConnectTM requires nominal broker/involvement
  • Achieve higher ROI on communications—offered at a lower PEPM, Pulse Connect also improves engagement and awareness
  • Utilize the platform for promotions, new programs, surveys, and critical messages
  • Demonstrate real value for clients with a compelling communications program

See how it works.



"When it comes to benefit enrollment, it’s all about the big picture—not a once-a-year requirement. Smart brokers know that a successful benefits enrollment requires taking a long-term view and a holistic, rather than piecemeal, approach.”

Jay Hutchins, California Broker








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